There is always something that needs to be done or improved upon in our various African communities. Giving money during various functions isn’t the only way to create a positive impact or change in your community.

Many communities lack basic amenities for survival. This had led to a lot of preventable deaths, school dropout and urban migration among others by especially the youths for greener pasture. One would hope that once people have migrated to learn in other areas or have had some sustainable livelihood or income; they will return to their communities and contribute in one way or another.

Some of the things African communities desperately need could either be:

  • Good running water
  • Good hospitals with qualified doctors and practitioner, good medical equipment
  • Good roads for transportation
  • Good schools and teachers
  • Electricity
  • Capacity and skills to maintain the facilities that current exist and future ones.

By giving back to your community, you help build a stronger and more prosperous community. There are several ways we can give back to our communities

  1. Invest in our community: Investment can be opening a business or buying shares in a company operating in your community. By investing in your community, you create employment for community members especially the youths. You equally create an opening for economic growth in that community. Investment can be in the business sector or third sector.
  2. Volunteer in the community: It takes passion to commit to volunteering in your community. You can volunteer to your community by offering your skills. This could be to organize community events such as health campaigns. You can volunteer in the hospitals to help out the sick and elderly. You can volunteer to teach in the local schools and with organizations working in your community. Volunteering is a very fulfilling role. It gives an opportunity for the young to enhance their skills in areas they are passionate about.
  3. Promote local businesses: When traveling back to your community, the simple fact that you purchase most of the items you need found within the community means you are giving back. By buying from local vendors, you promote their business thus the local economy.
  4. Donate to projects and various causes. By giving a donation for a cause and project, you contribute to the welfare and betterment of your community. Some p[people are not able to come work in their communities but donating to a community project is one way of giving back,
  5. Organize fundraising events: A fundraising event organized within your community for a cause to benefit the entire community can help generate a lot of funds from other individuals and from the community.

You do not need to be wealthy to give back to your community. Little drops of rain form an ocean. Do not take up the burden alone; let other people within these communities be part of the change they want to see in their community.

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