Our Vision
An African continent where the vast arrays of renewable natural resources are efficiently and effectively used to support the wellbeing of the human population, particularly the poor and vulnerable, while ensuring the sustainability of those resources.

Our Mission
ACDEF’s mission is to use holistic conservation to reduce poverty and to tackle the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change in Africa.

Our Values and Principles
Five values and principles will guide our interventions as we strive to achieve our vision and mission. At all times, we will:

• Take positive views on Africa and the people of Africa and ensure that all our interventions are led by local needs, are culturally sensitive and combine in a holistic manner the triple needs of poverty alleviation, sustained growth and environmental protection.

• Ensure that the primary beneficiaries of our work are and will remain the people of Africa and the increasingly threatened natural assets on which their livelihoods depend.

• Set realistic and achievable targets and ensure that the main beneficiaries are fully involved in the identification, planning and implementation of our interventions and also in monitoring and evaluating the impacts of such interventions on their livelihoods and on the natural environment.

• Use sound science combined with indigenous knowledge in Africa to inform and facilitate our interventions and to enhance knowledge exchange and information management.

• Work in partnership and in a clearly accountable manner with like-minded organisations and local governments, the donor community and other stakeholders in Africa and elsewhere to add value and effectiveness to our interventions.