Educating the people of Africa, especially those living inside or at the vicinity of fragile ecosystems and landscapes, and raising their awareness on key environmental challenges of local and global importance is probably the best way to instigate the much needed changes in behavior. This is of utmost importance with the emerging threats from climate change where the people of Africa stand to suffer the most.

Using all the currently available means including posters, media and the recent advances in information and communication technology, ACDEF and partners are building a strong environmental education and awareness raising component as part of their intervention strategy. Our educational and advocacy efforts do not end in rural Africa. It also targets a diverse audience nationally and internationally including funding agencies and regulatory bodies.

Working with individuals with persuasive abilities, we are bringing a truly African perspective to the debates on, and efforts towards, climate change mitigation and adaptation in the face of persistent poverty and chronic human suffering in Africa.

The organisation is engaging with policy makers and opinion leaders at local, national and international levels to help to move forward and bring about lasting and positive changes in Africa.

Please visit our Education and Advocacy projects portfolio and let us share your thoughts and how you can help.