The activities of the African Conservation and Development Foundation are brought together under two main programmes: Nature and People Programme, and Global Programme. Please explore each programme by selecting the appropriate link.

The Nature and People Programme has three components.

The first component is related to climate change and environmental forestry. In this component, ACDEF dwells on carbon forestry initiatives and associated finance in order to reduce forest loss in Africa and its impacts on climate change. The focus is also on sustainable use forestry.

The second component is concerned with the conservation and management of Wildlife. Efforts at this level are centred on large mammals both inside and outside protected areas.

The third component concentrates on social and economic development. In line with its vision, ACDEF is encouraging the wise use of natural resources and other environmental services to promote the well-being of the people of Africa.

The Global Programme is made up of four components.

The first component related to laws, policies, indigenous peoples’ rights and governance seeks to promote the management of resources and benefits sharing mechanism in accordance with the regulation in force nationally and internationally.

The second component on education and advocacy is concerned with improving the knowledge and raising the awareness of stakeholders on global environmental management challenges and poverty reduction.

The third component on capacity building, training and research, seeks to promote the transfer of knowledge and expertise between Africa and the developed countries on subjects related to environmental management and the reduction of poverty.

The final component on environmental and poverty monitoring aims to evaluate and disseminate the impacts of the different interventions on Nature and People in Africa.