ACDEF is a not-for-profit international organisation headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is the offspring of years of collective and individual thinking and consultation by a group of experienced Africans and international professionals that believes in the power of collective efforts in reaching regional to global targets in the area of sustainable development in Africa. With a well-established local network at all levels in Africa, ACDEF is a platform constituted of experienced development experts, conservation and development activists bonded by the common drive to overcome the daunting challenges facing Africa in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals and tackling the current and emerging threats from climate change.

ACDEF is initially working through a network of well established like-minded organisations in Africa and will in the medium to long term establish its own programme office in each country. Based on its current wealth of experience, professional capital and identification of prominent issues related to sustainable development, ACDEF focuses its initial interventions in Africa.