Resource Mobilization & Capacity Building

This programme typically takes the burden of fundraising off the shoulder of local Africa’s NGOs, allowing them  concentrate on what they do best: getting their hands dirty and making things effectively happen on the ground for the benefit of nature and people in Africa.


ACDEF would like to partner with like-minded organizations in different programme areas so that together we can effectively and efficiently work towards a greater outreach and impact in Africa
Worry no more, lets take the burden off you. ACDEF can help you turn your ideas into projectsand develop proposals for various donor. We also do online funding applications allowing you to be the final person to submit to the donor
ACDEF will help you understand and identify which donors are interested to support your organization. We will also use your current database to conduct donor trends and intelligence so you know who your competitors are for the same pot of money and where your donors are beginning to turn their interest towards
We assist organization follow their implementation plan and follow donor specifications
Project reports are quite a challenge for many organizations. Lets you compile your reports. These could be annual reports or project reports
ACDEF has a very competent team to provide capacity building in the area of fundraising, proposal writing and strategy development. Get us out to your organziation to help your staff enhance their skills in this areas and more.


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